Bank Roll EA – Best EA Forex Trading Robot 2022

The Bank Roll EA is an automatic Forex trading robot that I’ve created to simply automate the entire process since many people either don’t want to spend so much time on charts or really don’t know how to trade. Some use EA simply because they completely suck at trading and rather let a robot do all the trading for them so that they can go out and enjoy life while they are making money.

The Bank Roll EA was created around April of 2021 with minor buzz around it. Many people that seen the EA in action wanted to get it because it was delivering amazing results! To me the Bank Roll EA was what you call…” An Asset Recovery Doctor”. Many people who had blown their accounts in the past was seeing a huge boost thanks to the EA. The Bank Roll EA is based off of using two trending indicators which is the “ADX and Momentum” indicator.

The Bank Roll EA, from what I’ve seen really needed so optimizing to assure great success. So, I’ve been testing and back testing the proper settings and this is what I’ve found to be a “surefire winner.”

Use the settings that is displayed in the picture below

These settings are based using the crossover of the 200 moving average which is true trend of the market. As you can see even when you back test this on demo that it truly follows the trend of the market.

Here below is what the results were using a strategy tester on GBP/JPY on a 5 min. chart

If you’re interested in purchasing the Dream Maker Bank Roll EA, simply click the “Buy Now” button below.

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