How To Add or Include Cryptocurrency to MT4 or Metatrader4

If you’re new to the Forex market, this guide will walk you through how to trade cryptocurrency in MT4 and will go into great length on what is cryptocurrency trading is.

The Metatrader 4 platform is quite notable in the cryptocurrency and Forex trading area. It uses advanced technical analysis, a versatile trading system, and algorithmic trading tools. For beginners, it’s an ideal platform to start with due to the fact that it is a hassle-free trading platform. With apps for Android, iOS, and PC, traders can trade using their chosen gadget.

If you’re brand-new to the Forex market, this guide will stroll you through on how to trade cryptocurrency in MT4. First off, you must understand what cryptocurrency trading is.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Usually, people buy cryptocurrencies from exchanges, hold them in a leger wallet, and sell them off when they want. That’s basic crypto trading and it frequently the trader to hold them or (HODL), as it is referred to by crypto enthusiasts), for a very long time, preparing for the boost in value of the coin before offering.

But, that’s not what you’ll be doing if you want to trade on the MT4 platform. Instead, you’ll be day trading which includes buying and selling crypto within a brief duration; preferably, less than 24 hours.

You have to remember that when it comes to trading within such time requires careful thinking. The marketplace is decentralized and relatively dangerous such that if you lose your money, there’s nobody to take duty however yourself. To avoid such, traders need to study the marketplace, understand signals and use quick trading tools. That’s where MetaTrader 4 can be found in.

Trading Cryptocurrencies on MT4

As pointed out previously, you’ll be day trading with the MT4 platform. You won’t be requiring a crypto exchange platform but instead a crypto broker platform.

You might question what CFDs really about, they are derivatives which offer you the potential to trade on cryptocurrency cost movements without really buying the coins. This is very various from buying and selling crypto on exchanges.

With CFDs trading, you can make profits whether the worth of a cryptocurrency appreciates or depreciates, you simply have to make the right speculation by going either long or short. If you go long, you speculate that the value of the coin will appreciate; for this reason, you purchase. If you go short, you hypothesize that the worth of the coin will diminish; thus, you sell.

Incorrect speculation is associated with making a loss. That’s how risky crypto trading can be. Nevertheless, the danger can be managed and fairly minimized because CFD trading includes utilizes and margins.

Leverage enables you to manage a big quantity of money (trading position) with a percentage. For example, a broker can set a take advantage of ratio at 100:1, providing you the chance to open a position of $50,000 and deposit simply $500.

Whatever revenue the trade generates, you get 100% of it, if there’s a loss, you lose 100% as well. As they say ‘take advantage of is a 2-edged sword’. However, the advantage is that you won’t risk the whole $50,000 from your pocket.

Margin is simply the cash you deposit to control a large position. From the previous example, a broker sets a take advantage of ratio at 100:1, offering you the possibility to open a position of $50,000 and deposit simply $500. The $500 you deposit is your trade margin.

Usually, margins are revealed in percentages, relating to the take advantage of. A $50,000 trading position for $500 deposit means you’re trading with a 1% margin thus the ratio.

To trade cryptocurrencies on MT4, you first require to find a broker that offers advantageous utilizes and margins. Naturally, you likewise require to check if the broker features the MT4 trading platform however that shouldn’t be a concern as practically all trusted crypto brokers include it.

Nevertheless, the majority of the brokers you’ll discover are Forex brokers who use Cryptocurrency or offers cryptocurrency trading. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trading with such brokers however the most important thing is to guarantee the broker is managed.

As a newbie trader, it is not a good idea to hurry into live trading on MT4. You first need to get acquainted with the environment, so you must first open a demonstration account. Majority of brokers use this.

When you’re visited on the platform:

  • Click on “View” from the menu alternatives and choose “Symbols”.
  • Select “Crypto” by clicking the “+” sign.
  • Select “Crypto” once again and you’ll be provided with a list of cryptocurrency pairs the broker uses.
  • Select your ideal pair and start trading.

Below are screenshots showing you how to do it step by step.


The MT4 platform is really practical, it is an advanced trading platform used by professional crypto traders. You can use it as a newbie however initially, you must comprehend the crypto market. Not being experienced on how the market works

puts you at a fantastic disadvantage and you have a greater opportunity of losing money than making it. As advised, practice using a demo MT4 account before going live. You can practice for weeks or even months, as long as it requires to get familiar.

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