Dream Pack

Includes The Following:

Miracle Money Forex Indicator, The Ultimate Dream Maker Forex System, and ADX & Momentum Arrows


Product Description

Miracle Money Forex Trading Indicator

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Dream Maker Forex Trading has developed Miracle Money Forex Trading Indicator, a software that allows the individuals to gain insight into Forex Trading. The software aids the individual in telling:

  • When to Enter and Exit the Market
  • When the Market is About to Reverse
  • When the Market is Entering Consolidation

It's like having a virtual coach telling you exactly when to enter into the market and when to exit the market.

Get Miracle Money Forex Trading Indicator  and start making money the right way!

The Ultimate Dream Maker System (TUDMS)

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The Ultimate Dream Maker System The Ultimate Dream Maker System is a Forex trading System that simply goes into the financial markets and finds trending pairs. Once it finds the trending pairs it send the signals on the dashboard and will alert you of the pairs and which direction its in. The user will then click that pair which opens up the chart and making it easy to go directly to that pair and place a trade.

Dream Maker ADX & Momentum Arrows

ADX and Momentum Arrow

If you’re a fan of the ADX indicator, then you hit the jackpot with this indicator. The ADX and Momentum Arrows are based from the ADX and Momentum indicator. Whether you’re looking for a buy or sell entry, these arrows will give you a clear spot-on entry to get you into the market and start profiting.

Also includes: Mobile, Email, On Screen Alerts


Dream Maker Momentum Arrows

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The Momentum Arrow indicator is a great trending indicator those that are looking to get in on a trending pair. It is based on the momentum breakout in the market.

A buy arrow will appear when the line on the momentum indicator is above the “100” Level

A Sell arrow will appear when the line on the momentum indicator is below the “100” Level

These arrows do not re-paint. Once these parameters have been met, it will trigger an arrow and it stays there.

What are you waiting for? Start profiting right now in the market with the Momentum Arrow.

Also Includes: Mobile, Email, and On-Screen Alerts

Dream Maker MACD Sniper Pro

MACD Sniper Pro Pic

The MACD Sniper Pro is an indicator that is based on the popular MACD indicator. We designed this indicator to help you identify and find clear entry into the market. It has a built-in alert feature to let you know when to place a buy or sell trade. Arrows are shown to help make it easier for you to place your trade.

Dream Maker MA Crossover

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We created the MA crossover indicator to make spotting future change in the trend much easier. Instead of going through the platform and creating the EMA (Exponential Moving Average) or SMA (Simple Moving Average), the indicator draws them for you. It also comes with alerts such as mobile, email, and on screen. Arrows are drawn to give you easy entry into the market.