---- Questions in regards to Miracle Money and TUDMS ---

Q: What is the difference between Miracle Money Indicator and The Ultimate Dream Maker System (TUDMS)?

A: Miracle Money is a stand-alone forex trading indicator and The Ultimate Dream Maker System (TUDMS) is a complete forex trading system that includes a market scanner.

Q: What are the pros and cons of both Miracle Money and TUDMS?

A: Both Miracle Money and TUDMS both acts as a virtual forex trading coach guiding you what the trend is right now in the financial markets in real time. This helps cut down the entire learning curve of trying to draw trendline and marking up charts, well…at least reduce the time. The biggest drawback is that Miracle Money has the reversal dots while TUDMS doesn’t show them at all.

Q: What is the best time frame to use Miracle Money or TUDMS?

A: Best results has always been using higher time frames like the 30min, 1Hr, and the 4HR.

Q: Do you offer free trials or demo of your products?

A: I do not and will not ever offer it. I believe in my product and every software that I've created was based on my winning strategy that has allowed me to trade full time from home and with that being said....I do not give that away for free.


---- Questions in regards to the Bank Roll EA ---

Q: What are the best settings and TP/SL for the Bank Roll EA?

A: Use the 1:1 or 1:2 risk/reward ratio. For example, your take profit (TP) should be 10-20 pips and your stop loss or (SL) should be at least 10 pips. This is just a rule of thumb. The settings that you will see in the EA are already good to go.

Q: What are the best time frames to trade the Bank Roll EA?

A: It can be used on all time frames